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The following online services are available for the public using this service:

  1. Online formation of all domestic filing entities (forms DLC-1 for Limited Liability Company, DBU-1 for for-profit corporation and DNP-1 for nonprofit corporation, DLP-1 for limited partnership and and DLLP-1 for limited liability partnership, DGCO-1 for general cooperative association and DLCO-1 for limited cooperative association and DST-1 for business trust);
  2. Online filing of required biennial reports form BRA-25 for all domestic and foreign filing entities;
  3. Online amendment form DLC-2 for domestic limited liability company;
  4. Online amendment form DNP-2 for domestic nonprofit corporation;
  5. Online amendment form DBU-2 for domestic for-profit corporation;
  6. Online dissolution form DNP-6 for domestic nonprofit corporation;
  7. Online dissolution form DBU-7 for business for-profit corporation;
  8. Online dissolution form DLC-8 for limited liability company;
  9. Online reinstatement form GN-5 and back report filings form bra-25 for all domestic for-profit and nonprofit entities;
  10. Online good standing certificate request for all foreign and domestic filing entities;
  11. Online domestic name reservation form GN-3;
  12. Online statement of change form RA-3 for registered agents for nonprofit and for-profit filing entities.
  13. Online trade name registration form TN-1 for all filing entities and sole proprietor (general partnerships and other non filing entities);
  14. Online trade name cancelation form TN-3 for all filing and nonfiling entities.
  15. Online request for certified copy of corporate filing for all filing entities;
  16. Online registration form FN-1 for all foreign (non District) filing entities including LLC, nonprofit and for-profit corporation, LP, LLP, General and Limited Cooperative Association and Business Trust;
  17. Online amended registration statement form FN-2 for all foreign filing entities;
  18. Online foreign name registration form GN-4;
  19. Online filing for withdrawal form FN-3 for all foreign filing entities;
  20. Online reinstatement form FN-6 and back report filings form bra-25 for all foreign for-profit and nonprofit entities.
  21. Online search by name or file number or registered agent's name of all registered entities with expanded entity information to include report and trade name history;
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Some online filings may be expedited for additional fee.

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